Jeep club members take docs, nurses to work during snow storm

ELHART COUNTY, Ind. -- With the heavy snowfall, some doctors, nurses were unable to make it to work. In Elkhart, a volunteer Jeep group came to the rescue to make sure they made it to work safely.

Michiana Jeep Club member John Slayter says he can get through just about anything in his Jeep.

"All of them are four wheel drive," said Slayter. "This one has a lower gear ratio so it can turn through deep snow."

When he was contacted by Mike Pennington with Elkhart's emergency management team about all the emergency personnel that were stuck at home due to the heavy snow, he and other members of his group were glad to help.

"We jumped at the opportunity to help the community," Slayter.

Over the last 48 hours, Slayter and his team transported more than 38 emergency personnel to and from work.

"Eighty percent were nurses and there were a few doctors as well," said Slayter. "There was a warden from the correctional facility."

They were extremely busy.

"Thankfully we got assistance from the National Guard," said Slayter.

Slayter says he doesn't mind volunteering his time-especially if it can help Elkhart's medical staff save lives

Slayter and the Michiana Jeep Club were first called upon during a snowstorm in 2007. That year they only transported 7 people.

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