Jeep club offers rides to medical patients in extreme weather conditions

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Extreme weather has shut down most of Michiana.  But that hasn't stopped one group of volunteers from helping people who absolutely need to get around, to either save lives or be saved.

They're called the Michiana Jeep Club, and they're using the mobility of their Jeeps to get people where they neeed to go.  This includes doctors, nurses, even dialysis and chemotherapy patients.  

The group is made up completely of volunteers, all just wanting to help their community.  

The group says they love playing in their Jeeps, but say it's all about providing a service and possibly saving lives. 

"Not only do we get to come play in our Jeeps but we get to help other people, these are vital people who are helping save lives, and not only that but the people in need of help to and from their treatments," says Russ Johnson, a member of the Michiana Jeep Club.  

The club has already made over 20 calls just this season.  

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