Jelly Belly tour bus rolls into St. Joseph, MI

Cherry, bubble gum, or popcorn? What's your favorite jelly bean flavor? The Jelly Belly tour bus rolled through St. Joseph Monday, making a stop at the Chocolate Cafe.

The bus shows the history of the company. Jelly Bellies were actually made famous by President Ronald Reagan, who always kept a jar on his desk!

The bus tour also brought nearly 100 flavors to taste, including skunk spray, rotten egg, and pencil shavings! Yum?

"Jelly Belly -- just for the fun of it -- makes 10 weird tasting beans. And just for the fun of it, they make those weird tasting beans to look exactly like one of their good ones. And for more fun, they mix them all together and you can't tell them apart!" explained Jim Coffey.

Just in case you can't stomach the flavor, Jelly Belly brought along the "I Can't Handle It" spit bin!

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