Jobseekers should stay alert to resume scams offering pay-for-formatting service

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) tracks scams for consumers and wants those who are looking for jobs to be on high alert for resume scammers.

An increasing number of companies are using an applicant tracking system, or ATS, to automatically review resumes, according to the BBB.

The scam works by a "recruiter" first asking a jobseeker to submit their resume to a job the scammer claims is an excellent fit and a well-paid position.

Upon follow up, the phony recruiter directs the jobseeker to a website where their resume may be appropriately formatted for the company's ATS, but only after submitting personal information and payment details.

The BBB advised that job applicants should "think twice" if they are prompted to pay to have their resume reformatted so that it can be properly uploaded into the company's ATS.

The BBB offered tips for jobseekers so they can spot a scam before becoming a victim:

  • Always research the job offer.                 
    • Companies without a legitimate website or contact information is red flag.
  • Never pay to get a job.
    • Payment for a formatted resume will never guarantee a job.
  • Guard your personal information.
    • Be picky about those with whom you share it.
  • Minimize the need for any formatting.
    • Use traditional, simple fonts.
    • Send your resume as a Word doc, instead of a PDF.
  • Report job scams.
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