John Adams High School honor African American scientists and inventors

NOW: John Adams High School honor African American scientists and inventors

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – In honor of Black History Month, students from John Adams High School did presentations on historically prominent African American scientists and inventors.

Tenisha Gorman Henry, a biology teacher at John Adams, came up with the idea for the assignment.

She says that this is a perfect opportunity to have students learn about African American scientists who may get overlooked in history books.

“Each of the students were assigned an African American scientist and inventor,” Henry said. “They were supposed to give you some background information, some biographical information, what the scientist or inventor accomplished. Minorities are not usually recognized and so I wanted my students to be empowered and learn about scientists that they may not have heard about.”

Students at John Adams agree that the assignment is a great way to celebrate those achievements that often go unrecognized.

“I think it's important because a lot of people of color have done a lot of things back then that is history,” Makayla Ingram said, a freshman at John Adams.

“I never knew none of these people, like they were not talked about, I guess over-looked,” Chance Robbins said, who is also a freshman.

The presentations took place throughout the school day. More presentations will resume on Wednesday.

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