John Lewis sentenced to life behind bars after killing his wife

NOW: John Lewis sentenced to life behind bars after killing his wife


NILES, Mich. --- John Lewis was sentenced to life in prison on Monday at the Berrien County Courthouse. 

Back on August 13, 2017, Lewis drugged his wife Carla Lewis with Xanax and then shot her multiple times at their home.

He lied to police, telling them two African Americans broke into his home, shot Carla and stole her car. Police eventually realized he was the one behind the gun. 

"Today is the day you pay for your arrogance and cowardly deeds," Len Burrington said.

Burrington was Carla's brother-in law. He joined a group of Carla's family to see Lewis sentenced. 

"You didn't deserve Carla's love, care or affection, you took a mother from her children, a daughter from her mom and dad, you took Carla from her sister as well as her grandchildren," Burrington said. 

After hearing from four family members, Lewis's lawyer, along with Lewis, addressed the judge and made his own statement saying Lewis loved Carla. 

"Mr. Lewis loved Carla for 13 years. She was his best friend. He cooked for her, he cleaned for her and he loved her," his lawyer said.

Even with that statement Judge Gorden Hosbein sentenced Lewis to spend the rest of his life in a cell. 

He then asked Lewis if he had anything to say. 

"I just want to keep my innocence," Lewis said. 

Lewis does plan to appeal his sentence, but Carla's family said after being found guilty by a 12-person jury they don't think the appeal will hold. 

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