Joy in the Journey: Advice for Colleen

Having a baby can be a rewarding, but daunting experience. Before Calvin was born, Colleen Bormann sat down with three new moms to get their advice.

"There’s so much information out there. I have apps, books, I have family friends, what's some real advice. What are some things I need to know that I can’t find in a book or in an app?" asked Colleen.

"Anything that you expect to happen, will not happen," said new mom Lindsey Cox.

"I would say accept help. I thought I could come home and do it all on my own. But help has been great. Church set up a food train for me- I haven’t had to cook in three weeks. Our fridge is just full of food and I felt strange accepting help but it's just the best thing I’ve done. It gives me more time to focus on him and my daughter, my family. So accept help whenever it's given," said new mom Katrina Shoemaker.

"I would say follow your instincts on a lot of things. When she's upset there's only a few things I need to go down the checklist for. She’s hungry, she needs changed, or she's lonely, she wants to snuggle," said new mom Gine Dillman.

"Do any of you have funny moments? It seems like there's a lot of stress, late nights. What's something that’s funny that happened?" asked Colleen.

"I had a girl previously so I wasn’t quite used to little boy parts. He got him home and went to do this first diaper change. I had everything set up and he starts to pee and it goes in his eye and in his mouth and pee is going everywhere. I’m freaking out because he’s drinking his own urine! Definitely different from a girl," Shoemaker said.

"There are times of frustration of not knowing what to do. You tried everything and you just got try again. Keep going. Like she said at the end of the day – the happiness outweighs everything else," Cox said.

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