Judge Barrett's neighbors and colleagues on why Barrett would've been right for Supreme Court

NOW: Judge Barrett’s neighbors and colleagues on why Barrett would’ve been right for Supreme Court

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- After making it to the final four candidates under consideration, Notre Dame Law School Professor Amy Coney Barrett was not the president’s choice in the end.

In fact, she’s still at her home in South Bend. Judge Amy Barrett’s neighbors described her as an irreplaceable friend and mentor.

“It would be a really signal achievement to have somebody from the university at such a high office,” said Professor Patrick Deneen, a Political Science professor at Notre Dame and Barrett’s neighbor.

If you go door knocking around Judge Amy Barrett’s neighborhood, you’ll find out pretty fast that she’s a well-liked person.

“I just think that Amy is incredibly intelligent and just a very graceful and lovely person," said Cathy Hall, a neighbor of Judge Barrett. "I’ve really enjoyed being a neighbor of hers. I think anyone in the neighborhood would say the same thing."

While she didn’t get the nomination to the Supreme Court, Judge Barrett’s neighbors couldn’t picture her and her family leaving the neighborhood.

“It would be a very difficult thing for our neighborhood because the Barretts are wonderful neighbors; the children are always playing in the streets with the neighbors so it would be difficult to see them leave,” said Professor Deneen.

Although Barrett’s neighbors would’ve hated to see her go, they did feel she would’ve been the right person for the job.

“I have the benefit of knowing her as a neighbor and as a friend and I would feel great excitement and great confidence with someone like Amy on the Court,” said Professor Deneen.

Barrett’s neighbor’s also appreciate the fact she would’ve taken the call to serve the country.

“I might not agree with her politics necessarily, but I really appreciate that she would be willing to do this for our country because it’s quite a commitment and service,” said Hall.

Some of Judge Barrett’s neighbors who did not want to go on camera, said she would’ve been the right pick because of her intellectual rigor, personal character, and her conscientiousness.

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