July weather outlook

July is the heart of summer, and it is that time of year once again. In Michiana, we experience some of the warmest temperatures of the entire year, and it is also the most rain in July. Just how warm and how much rain will we see across Michiana this year?

The rain outlook for July will likely be near normal. During July, Michiana recieves four inches of rain on average. This rainfall total usually adds up from isolated afternoon thunderstorms, a few rainy days and scattered showers that pop up.

The temperature outlook is likely going to be near normal to slightly above normal. The average high temperature for all of July is 83 Degrees.

However, the temperatures fluctuate throughout July. It is normal to have around 8.5 days in the seventies and sixties, while it is also normal to have around 5.6 days in the nineties and warmer. The majority of the July is made up of days in the eighties.

The next ten days will have a mix of 70s and 80s. http://abc57.com/weather

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