Justice for Jordynn, community and family mourn infant

NOW: Justice for Jordynn, community and family mourn infant

COLOMA, Mich. --  Justice for Jordynn. It's a phrase circulating online after the an infant's death in Coloma prompted an investigation. 

"We were watching TV, drinking coffee. It was probably 9:30-ish or something. I heard banging on the door and the neighborhood gal was here. She was hysterical, screaming that my baby's not breathing," says James Matson.

Matson's quiet Monday morning was shattered, as he ran right next door. 

What he found is a scene that keeps replaying in his head.

"Right inside that window is where it happened," he recalls. "The baby was on the middle of the floor. Unmoving. She was bleeding from the nose. Just a little. A little bitty thing."

He did CPR on two-month-old Jordynn Skinner until paramedics arrived.

But it was too late.

24 hours later, her mom Kori had to take her off of life support.

"We just got news from the mom that it was blunt force trauma," adds Matson. 

Trauma that caused two fractures and a brain bleed.

"I can't hardly swallow this," he says. "She was born in July, so she was just a couple of months old."

No one every thought anything like this could happen to that family.

Little bikes and toys lay all around their home.  Neighbors say the yard was always filled with playing kids.

"It looked like a normal family. A happy family with kids," Matson says simply.

But this troubling trend is plaguing all of Michigan.

According to the Child Welfare League of America, Michigan ranks as one of the top five worst states for child abuse and neglect. 

In 2016, a reported 85 children died due to abuse or neglect.

The number of children who are abused also keeps going up.

"We need to be aware of what's going on around us. People need to be looking and paying attention and caring for one another," says Matson.

Initially, Scott Skinner, Jordynn's father was arrested for Child Abuse and Neglect based on preliminary medical reports on Monday, October 1. 

However, the preliminary autopsy report completed on Wednesday determined the cause of death was inconclusive.

Skinner has now been released from the Berrien County Jail with no charges.

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