JWAS Foundation scholarship applications open for next fall

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Jaxson William Augustus Swank was taken from his family and friends just 1 month and 11 days short of his 2nd birthday after a tragic accident in his driveway. His legacy of true unconditional love continues to be a gift passed along in his memory. The Swank family now provides families with the financial assistance to attend a top-notch school that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

The JWAS foundation provides financial assistance to children from preschool through college. In order to be eligible, there are 2 requirements:

 A child must be between the ages of 2.5 - 5 years old. Families must qualify within the income lines. The income range is at or below the poverty line ($26,500 for a family of 4) to 250% above ($66,250 for a family of 4). Then, the child selected chooses a school of their choice.

However, the foundation does more than just provide this financial assistance! Throughout the year, JWAS provides unique learning opportunities for families. All of the scholars also come together for a leadership conference every year.

Federico Rodriguez has two children who have been recipients. He explains the love from the Swank family was a saving grace throughout the pandemic, and the foundation continues to be a support system for his family.

“It is very unique because of how selfless they are with the amount of encouragement they give, rarely you come across an individual or a couple who receive such a devastating situation in their life, then use that energy to only promote good and pump goodness into the universe,” says Rodriguez. “It is unbelievable the strength they have, it is infectious when we see that as parents we strive harder for our kids, then our kids see Jaxson’s legacy and see what they are doing is beyond their own selves.”

You can find further information to apply or to show your support to the foundation here.

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