Keep safety in mind during Bike to Work Week

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Although it is healthier to ride your bike to work, it can be dangerous if bicyclists and drivers don't share the road during Bike to Work Week.

Judy Lee, the President of the Bike Michiana Coalition, says there are a few precautions you can take as a motorist or bicyclist to protect yourself this week.

This week the Bike Michiana Coalition is pushing for everyone to give biking a chance to and from work.

"Get out there and participate, wear a helmet. I always wear a mirror so I can see behind me, and have fun. It's a great way to get some exercise and stay healthy," said bicyclist Karen Haun.


The benefits of bicycling include a healthy heart, healthy mind and healthy atmosphere.

"If you have to go to school, to the grocery store, ride your bike instead and save some gas and save some energy and burn some calories," said Lee.


Sharing the road with motorists can be hazardous if you don't follow the rules of the road.


"Bicyclists have the same responsibilities and rights that a motor vehicle has, so that means we have to pay attention to the rules of the road," said Lee.

"I try to make eye contact with them to see if they are going to stop if they are going to obey the rules of the road and I obey the rules of the road just like I'm a car," said Haun.


Designated bike routes also improve safety, according to lee.


"The way that integrates with safety is that you know where you're going so you're not just hunting around for places to go so you can pay attention to and focus on the road," said Lee.


You should also do what you can to stay as visible as possible.

"I always wear bright clothing so they can see [me]," said Haun.

"We're slow moving vehicles, but the things that we have to stress are that we are sharing the road. Every life counts," said Lee.

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