Keeping the cold at bay

 Here are the temperatures record from last night for Benton Harbor, South Bend and Warsaw.

Wednesday Morning Temperatures (°F) 4/11/12

Time  Benton Harbor South Bend Warsaw
7:00  38  31  27
6:00  38  31  28
5:00  39  31  27
4:00  38  32  28
3:00  38  32  28
2:00  39  31  28
1:00  39  31  28
12:00  39  30  30

 Lake Michigan clearly had an influence last night as the relatively warmer water helped to moderate air temperatures in the fruit belt. This is precisely why there is a fruit belt in Western Michigan. Observed lows in the orchards were as cold as 36°, but not below freezing.  The further in-land the colder temperatures dropped. 

The fruit crop is still not out of the woods yet as the latest hard freeze date is still near the end of the month April 26th in Benton Harbor.

For the latest First Warning Neighborhood Weather Forecast click here.

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