Kelly says preparation is key if Jones wants more snaps


Jarron Jones played in only two series, and 12 total snaps last week against Navy.

Notre Dame Head Coach Brian Kelly says Jones wants to get out on the field, but will have to earn it.

"We'll find out. I think he wants to play a lot this week and we've got Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and see what happens," Kelly said. 

Kelly didn't officially say it but Jones did not impress last week at practice.

"You know, I think all of our guys get the use equal opportunity to prepare during the week, and then we're going to play the guys that prepare to play the option. And so each and every week we've got a number of guys that -- you know, we try to get -- and as you know," Kelly said. "You've seen the amount of guys we're playing on defense. They all get reps and they all get a chance to get in there. And it'll come down to preparation, and if they prepare the way that they need to prepare, they'll all get a chance to play."

Jones was coming off his the best game of his career against Miami where he recorded six tackles for loss and earned the national defensive player of the week award.

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