Kids learn science through hip-hop dance

SOUTH BEND Ind. -- There was dancing singing, dancing, and screaming on Thursday at the Jackson Intermediate school in South Bend. It was all in the name of science! FMA Live, a hip-hop science show, performed for the Jackson and Marshall students.

They taught the students Newton's Law of Motion using dance, song, and some life-size demonstrations. NASA and Honeywell sponsored the concert. Their goal is to get students to pursue careers in science, mathematics, and engineering.

"Kids don't really think about Newton's Second Law of Motion when they are out doors playing soccer, but when it is brought to life on stage and you are kicking a soccer ball that is 10-feet tall, you really grasp the concept that you need the force to move that mass," said  Eric Olson, a co-host from FMA Live.

In the last seven years, FMA Live has performed for over 250,000 students in the United States and Canada.

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