Kids learning coding; how to make music at Elkhart Public Library

NOW: Kids learning coding; how to make music at Elkhart Public Library

ELKHART, Ind.-You’ll find more than just books at the Elkhart Public Library. A new program is teaching kids ages 8-11 how to code and make their own music.

“Coding: Music” uses the library’s computers as instruments. The free 8-week course will teach children how to create their own digital music using coding, including music videos, and sounds.

Kids work with Google CS First and Scratch to create their projects.

“As a library, we want to open up opportunities for people that might not have the chance to do this anywhere else,” said Allison McLean, who’s in charge of Young People Services at the Elkhart Public Library. “We’re really happy to be a part of that and show that the library is more than just books,” McLean said.

Research shows that coding is one of the most important job skills of the future.

“There are so many benefits, not just learning to code which can help them with their future careers and open up a lot of job opportunities, but these are math skills, logic skills and things that they can use throughout their entire lives,” McLean said.

Two spots are still open in the course. The group will meet every Thursday through October at 4:30 P.M. at the library’s main location on South 2nd Street in Elkhart. To contact the library and for more information on “Coding: Music”, click HERE.

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