'I'm outraged;' KKK propaganda found at local Michiana gas station

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – KKK propaganda was found at a local gas station in Michiana this week.

Business cards that say things like “I want you for the KKK” were found the Village Pantry on US-20 heading towards South Bend from New Carlise.

People in the area are completely shocked that this is happening.

“You gotta be really mentally off and in the dark ages,” Kris Satoski said, after hearing about the cards.  “Like that saying, y’all need Jesus. I would think we would be past that by now. You know, the civil war is over. You can be a racist without handing out a business card.”

Dave Barry, who also lives in the area, said that this is unacceptable.

“I’m outraged,” Barry said. “I’m completely outraged. I just, I don’t understand it. I wish that our country was more together, I wish that these groups didn’t exist. We all deserve the same rights and I can’t believe that this still exists, this kind of hatred”

The business cards were found in places like the gas pumps and even in between products on the shelves inside the gas station.

New Carlisle police said they haven't gotten any calls about the propaganda. However, they said anyone who feels threatened should always call them. They least they can do is document the incident.

Stop Promoting Fascism, a local anti-hate group, recommends anyone who finds the cards immediately dispose of them. They also asked people not share the information on the cards to social media.

In a statement they said: "The community is safe and there is no reason to be alarmed, however we do ask that you remain vigilant and smart. The reason you do not want to share the cards with the contact information on it is you are doing exactly what they want in spreading their information to the broader community and may accidentally help in recruitment."

Those in the community agree that there is no reason to be alarmed.

“I don’t know anybody that would do that. I don’t know anybody that would join,” Satkoski said.

 “I just really wish we could get past the divisiveness,” Barry said.

Anyone who finds a card and doesn’t feel comfortable removing it can also contact Stop Promoting Fascism to remove them. They can be contacted via their Facebook page.

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