Kyle Treber sentenced, given jail time

Kyle Treber was given a two year split sentence Friday.

Judge Jane Woodward Miller gave the young man a 12 month executed sentence in community corrections, with a definite 90 days in jail. 

The second year will include probation, counseling, community service and random drug testing.

Treber pleaded guilty to one count of possession of a narcotic drug. His three dealing charges were dismissed as part of a plea deal.

Police say Treber handed out prescription pills at a graduation party last summer, after which his classmates, Nick and Jack Savage died from overdoses.

Before sentencing, a handful of witnesses testified on the defense's behalf, including Treber's mother, boss and high school coach.

"If young people can learn from the horrible tragedy there and one person decides, 'I'm not going to a "pharm party" or I'm not going to be encouraged by peers in my group of friends to engage in drug activity,' then maybe for that person, their life is saved," Deputy Prosecutor Amy Cressy said.

Each vouched for his character, stating he would become an example of the dangers of drug experimentation, and speak to students.

However, Judge Woodward said his strong leadership qualities worked against him in the case. She said his friends were more vulnerable to accept free drugs from him than buy them from a stranger.

The prosecution also asked for two years probation without jail time before sentencing. 

The court room was full of friends and family of both Treber and the Savage brothers.

"I certainly appreciate what she and her whole family have had to go through and how they have responded to it," Prosecutor Ken Cotter said of Becky Savage, the victims' mother.

Treber has a week to surrender to the St. Joseph County jail.

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