La Porte Police investigating alleged threat at Handley Elementary

NOW: La Porte Police investigating alleged threat at Handley Elementary

LA PORTE, Ind.--- La Porte Police are investigating an alleged threat at Handley Elementary. The threat stems from a Facebook post made by a man who claimed his son wanted to “shoot up the school”.

Police say that the threat is over a month old, but most parents still kept their children at home on Monday as a result.

“As far as my children go, I do not feel that they need to attend school with any kind of threat being made against them,” said Jennifer Sagasee, a mother of four Handley students.

La Porte Police say it does not appear that anyone is actively trying or has the means to carry out the attack but they still are investigating the threat.

“We have seen several unmarked cops here,” said Sagasee. “There were officers at the school for the students that were arriving at the school today.”

The La Porte Community School Corporation and La Porte Police both say they are treating this threat seriously.

“We will be working closely with them [La Porte Police] as they continue to monitor the whereabouts of this person,” said Superintendent Mark Francesconi. “We’re going to continue to be doing everything we can to take this seriously and be on heightened alert indefinitely as a result.”

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