La Porte residents cleanup after severe storm

Heavy rains, strong winds, cracking thunder and lightning devastated parts of Michiana on Monday and on Tuesday, the effort to clean it all up continues.

According to the La Porte County Sheriff’s Office, the roof of a two-year-old pole barn at the Kluge Farm on County Road 900 North was completely blown off.

Downed power lines and utility poles, closed several roadways indefinitely and blocked travel for many La Porte residents.

La Porte resident, Alexandra Keller, captured a powerful video of Monday’s storm right outside her home, showing howling winds and near blinding conditions.

“I didn’t see it at first,  I heard it, I could hear all the lines snapping and we could hear downed trees going everywhere so I just sat covered in the barn didn’t see it until I drove up to the house but I couldn’t even get up there because we had trees covering the driveway so we had to call in for backup,” said Keller.

“I’ve lived here for years and we’ve seen some pretty bad lake effect storms and this was by far the worst,” Keller added.

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