Labor Day sparks labor shortage discussions

NOW: Labor Day sparks labor shortage discussions

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Labor Day may be over, but the conversation about labor shortages continues.

If you drove through South Bend on Monday, you may have noticed that not many businesses were open. Those that did remain open were handling extra business, but with less help.

Staffing issues are becoming more and more common in the restaurant industry and many other industries as well.

After the pandemic, many started to reevaluate what they valued in the workplace, leading to mass resignations as people began to look for work in new places.

It is coined as ‘The Great Reshuffling’, and employers have to adjust to higher wages and other employee benefits to bring people on board.

The U.S. Labor Department shared that there are around 5 million more job openings than there are people looking to fill the spots.

The trend is being seen nationwide and the problem is affecting people and industries everywhere, with Michiana being no different.

Whistle Stop Ice Cream is a local small business serving ice cream and other treats here in South Bend.

Co-owner, Rachael Bainter, says she and her husband don’t mind raising their wages to build a full staff at their shop, adding that, “It is hard keeping the wages competitive…but we still want to make sure we’re not giving just the minimum wage and we want to be paying something more fair.”

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce says there are ways businesses can fight the national labor shortage, from helping with childcare to hiring more employees with disabilities.

More information about the national labor shortage and potential solutions can be found at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website.

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