Labor dispute continues to pause roadwork in Michigan

EDWARDSBURG, Mich – Weeks after the original work stoppage and the lockout continues. 

The labor dispute affecting roadwork in Michigan has failed to bring both sides together thus leaving the dispute to drag on. 

“I’d like to see it done before winter” Robert Geans of Edwardsburg said regarding the halted roadwork due to the labor dispute. 

Michigan Infrastructure Transportation Associates also known as MITA and Operating Engineers 324 both released statements regarding the matter.

OE324’s statement read in part “Operating Engineers 324 has bent over backwards during this entire process to make sure that critical road projects are completed.”

MIta released a statement saying in part “In the months before and after this contract expired Mita and the industry extended dozens of invitations to OE324.” 

Throughout this dispute Michigan’s Governor Rick Snyder was brought in to help settle the labor dispute but hasn’t been successful yet 

Edwardsburg Michigan Resident Tom Barton is frustrated with the construction that was stopped leaving it difficult to maneuver near his property says the halted roadwork is an inconvenience. 

“This not being done is causing everybody quite a bit of stress” Barton said. 

Governor Snyder is looking into bringing in the National Guard to finish the road projects or Withholding payments from contractors but a decision hasn’t been made yet. 

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