LaGrange County prepares for potential winter storm amid flooding concerns

NOW: LaGrange County prepares for potential winter storm amid flooding concerns

LaGrange County, Ind.---- 

In Lagrange County Thursday afternoon The Highway and Emergency Mangement departments teamed up to prepare for the rain or snow that could be seen across Michiana on Friday. 

Supervisor of the Highway Department, Aaron Fugate, had plows ready to go incase of snow, and reflected on the relatively light winter we have seen so far, saying its given the Department some relief to get ahead, 

"the good side of it is we have gotten ahead on some spring jobs, ahead of where we normally wouldn’t, the drivers are missing the over time, but its good for the community we are getting ahead," said Fugate. 

But the roads are not the main concern, LaGrange County is already experiencing high water levels and flooding. With water levels rising near houses of Westler Lake. To prepare for the precipitation to come the Highway and Emergency Management departments are offering sandbags ahead of the storms. 

Many out today took advantage of the sandbags, ahead of the storm, some already experiencing flooding. 

Those bags will be available through the weekend at 710 N. Walnut St. in LaGrange.

Bill Morr, Emergency Managment Director of LaGrange County says they are prepared for just about everything, reminding those who must hit the roads to take precaution, but reminding us, 

"winters not over yet….so weve got to be prepared…this winter weather is not going to be anything we haven’t seen before in northern Indiana"

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