Lake Michigan College gets $500,000 for new jobs training program

BENTON HARBOR, Mich. --Southwest Michigan employers locating operations or expanding in the region now have access to $500,000 of free training through the Michigan New Jobs Training Program and Lake Michigan College.

This program is designed as an economic tool to connect community employers and colleges who're creating jobs that pay 175 percent of the state's minimum wage, with income taxes from the new employees used to pay for the training, providing a no-cost option for companies.

Lake Michigan College President Dr. Trevor Kubatzke said; "this is another way that LMC is helping to build a talent pipeline for our community. Highly trained employees are critical to compete in today's increasingly tough labor market. If an existing or new company is looking to expand, this is a creative way for companies to receive financial assistance to pay for customized training."  

Lake Michigan College will work directly with job creators in order to customize a training plan, without restrictions for industry or employer size, which funds can be used for a broad range of training needs, including skill and vocational services, job-related instruction, adult education, training equipment and materials, degrees and full certificates.

Cornerstone Alliance President and CEO Rob Cleveland said, "workforce issues are the number one driver for companies looking to expand or locate, and this is another tool we can utilize to build a strong and diverse economy in Michigan's Great Southwest."

Market Van Buren Executive Director Zach Morris agreed and said, "having training dollars available is sometimes needed to close the deal or help our local companies expand. It can lift a significant barrier and help our community grow."

Any employers and/or companies interested in finding out more about the Michigan New Jobs Training Program at Lake Michigan College can contact Dr. Ken Flowers at 269-927-4103 or [email protected], or Al Pscholka at 269-927-8140 or [email protected].

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