Lakeville Police warning public of phone scam

LAKEVILLE, Ind. – The Lakeville Police Department is warning residents of a recent phone scam in which scammers are pretending to be officers within the Lakeville Police Department.

The number that shows up on caller ID is the phone number for the Lapaz Town Hall. The unknown scammer claims the resident has a warrant and then asks for money or gift cards to take care of the warrant.

This is a scam and officers in the Lakeville Police Department or in any law enforcement department would never contact residents and ask for money or gift cards for a warrant.

No legitimate business will request payments with gift cards or prepaid visa cards either, police said.

It’s very easy for scammers to replicate a telephone number, police said.

Please do not give out personal information to anyone over the phone. If something doesn’t sound right, please hang up and contact your local police department to verify the information.

If you have any questions, please contact the Lakeville Police Department. 

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