LaPorte photographer fills fridge with food for those in need

NOW: LaPorte photographer fills fridge with food for those in need

LAPORTE, Ind.-- Taking your fridge-- outdoors?

That's what one LaPorte photographer did and placed it outside her studio.

Brandy Krout is a photographer with a studio in Downtown LaPorte.

She says she’s seen the need for many families affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic.

She had a fridge inside her studio she wasn’t using so she put it to good use, placing the the fridge outside her studio and stocking the fridge almost daily.

Anyone can stop by and take free meats, fruits, vegetables, pasta, whatever is inside and outside the fridge with no questions asked. 

“I've been seeing a lot of people struggling because of COVID and just going on groups in LaPorte on Facebook saying they need help. I had a fridge in my studio I wasn’t using so I asked my landlord, and he said yes. I asked mayor Tom Dermody’s office and he said yes so I put it out there," said Brandy Krout.

You’ve got the mayors office to say yes! How else has the community responded to this initiative?

It’s been good! There’s been a lot of positivity and people have already donated. I check it daily and the food gets stocked up and goes away. I’ve seen people take it. I’ve also seen people stop and put more food in there. I’m really excited that it’s working.”

Food insecurity is a struggle not unfamiliar to Krout and her family.

Especially in times during a pandemic right now, how important is that other step in for those in need?

“Really important. When my husband and I got together we basically had to skip meals to feed our son so we know what it feels like. We’ve been struggling because of COVID too but to see other people give, it helps a lot.”

Krout plans on expanding what is offered by adding a bin for pet food.

If you'd like to donate or grab and go, head over to her studio at 302 Lincolnway in Downtown LaPorte.

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