Large crowds mark unofficial start of summer at Silver Beach

NOW: Large crowds mark unofficial start of summer at Silver Beach

ST. JOSEPH, Mich.,--Many people are spending the three-day Memorial Day weekend at the beach. Beachgoers from all over Michiana are enjoying today’s hot, sunny weather

The crowds are reminiscent of pre-pandemic life and many beachgoers are not concerned about the virus on beach day this year.

Mother of three, Valerie Pasqua, enjoyed some quality time with her children.

“They’re outside, out here, building sandcastles playing in the water. It’s just nice to be free, and be running around and having fun with them.”

The increased crowds meant increased business for the City of St. Joseph. But Wally and Gertz located on the beach is prepared!

Owner Anne Reitz saw a lot of business at the start of the pandemic.

“The pandemic for us, it was off-the-charts busy. We were busier than we’ve ever been down here. Everybody wanted to get out.”

Reitz expects to see an increasing amount of customers as more people continue to head out to Lake Michigan all summer long.

“I think everybody is done with the pandemic. We’re ready to get out, spend some time in the sun and get life back to normal.”

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