Large empty storefront generates interest

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- A prime piece of Mishawaka real estate, the old Barnes and Noble store, is generating a lot of interest. The building is off Grape Road near the Douglas Road intersection.

People are talking about a new business they hope to see moving into the old Barnes and Noble bookstore space.

Across the shopping plaza, the ladies at Salon Artistry all wanted the same thing.

"I think a Dave and Busters should go in there because of all the college and we need young entertainment,” said Sally Vance.

Dana Yates has been talking about it with customers for months, but there's some definite top choices floating around.

"Trader Joe’s, grocery stores, medical building, but I'd prefer Dave and Busters,” said Yates.

Apparently the rumors aren't that far off.

The owner of the building said a grocery store, large fitness gym, and a medical office out of Indianapolis have all shown interest.

"Dave and Busters is popular in the Indianapolis area and you see it on TV. You see it advertised on TV and it looks like fun entertainment. It's not real expensive for young adults,” said Vance.

But forget the games, one man said the space is perfect to host a big family wedding - a chapel and reception area all in one. 

"I know I had two daughters and trying to find a reception hall was really, really hard you know when they got married. So around here there's not really any places to do that,” said Joe Wells. 

The property's real estate agent said the building is 36,000 feet. 

It's listed around $13,000 a month, plus the cost for insurance, real estate taxes and grass and snow clearing fees. 

He hopes it will sell by the beginning of the new year. 

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