Largest investment ever announced for South Bend parks

NOW: Largest investment ever announced for South Bend parks


South bend is about to spend some major green to help the city’s green spaces.

It is looking to invest 24 million dollars into the city’s parks.

Thirty-eight parks are on the project list for the My South Bend Parks and Trails Projects.

Nearly every park in South Bend’s system will be affected.

Each project was identified from community feedback and engagement.

The money will go towards park, trail and riverfront upgrades.

The city says these upgrades will fundamentally change the landscape of the parks.

Each project is in a different stage of completion.

Executive director of parks and recreation Aaron Perri says residents are encouraged to stay engaged through the process and keep sharing ideas.

The city says there is incredible value to a good parks system in a community.

Green spaces provide a health benefit to the community, not only through health and wellness, but also through positive economic impact.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg says this is an opportunity to make investments that will pay off.

“When you have a great parks, great public spaces, great green spaces, you see health benefits because people spend more time with active lifestyles, you see economic benefits because it's more attractive for people to live and to stay here and you see community benefits because they bring people together. So we are very excited for what we can do with these resources and we hope it gets approved in the council,” he said.

The entire plan can be found here.

It breaks down the plans and stages for each park in the city.

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