LATEST: Victims of Indiana tornado starting to be identified

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - At least 13 people were killed Friday as a tornado swept across Clark County.

Especially hit hard was Marysville and Henryville.The small, rural towns are described as "flattened."

 Victims of the Indiana Torndao

Terry Jackson, of Henryville, age unknown

Carol Jackson, of Henryville, age unknown

Davlin Jackson, 4, of Henryville

Moriah Brough, 21, of New Pekin

Joseph Babcock, 20, of New Pekin

Angela Babcock, 20-month-old, of New Pekin

Jaydon Babcock, 2-year-old, of New Pekin

Kendall Babcock, 2-month-old, of New Pekin


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