Lauren Spierer search reaches 6-month mark, friends and family host vigil

BLOOMGINTON, Ind. -- The search for Lauren Spierer has reached the 6-month mark, and over the weekend friends and family made sure the missing IU student is not forgotten.

Lauren disappeared June 3rd. She was remembered in a vigil at a Bloomington mall. That's where a small Christmas tree was dedicated in her honor complete with "Find Lauren” tags to help keep the search alive.

"It's the Christmas season, and that's when you spend time with your families, and the Spierers are going to be missing a member of their family,” said Shelly Leonard. “I thought that if we can make the load a little lighter for them, that's what we needed to do."

Lauren's parents have made Bloomington their second home while they continue the search. The Bloomington Police Department says it has received more than 2,400 tips, but none concrete enough to find Lauren.

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