Leaf pick up problems continue in St. Joseph County

NOW: Leaf pick up problems continue in St. Joseph County

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, In. – Leaf pick up problems continue in St. Joseph County and frustrations are at an all-time high after this week’s winter snow storm.

In Granger’s Sherwood Forest neighborhood, residents say they were told by the county to set aside leaves for collection, but collection hasn’t been completed by the first major snowfall.

Barbara Bennet has lived on Little John Lane for 18 years.

“Where are we supposed to put these leaves? The county was supposed to take care of it for us. We want to know what happened,” says Bennet.

The piles in front of her home are nearly four feet high and covered in snow and ice.

“It’s a hazard I think It’s a safety hazard for drivers, for people who walk, so it really needs to be taken care of and this is all over St. joseph county. I know it’s not just our subdivision,” says Bennet.

She says there was never a problem with leaf pick up until the county hired GreenWorld to do the job.

While Sherwood Forest was considered a high priority area scheduled for three passes, according to GreenWorld’s website a third pass never happened.

The website also states they do not provide interviews or comment for reporters.

Bennet says she has tried to get ahold of the company, too, with not luck. Now, she fears her neighborhood will be stuck yet with the situation until the spring.

“I don’t know what the answer is but we pay a lot in taxes and we would like something done,” says Bennet.

GreenWorld's website directed us to contact the county commissioners, but, they could not be reached for comment either.

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