Lifeline Center finds temporary home

ELKHART, Ind. -- A center dedicated to helping Elkhart's youth is operating under a different roof. A fire destroyed the Lifeline Youth for Christ Center in Elkhart almost two months ago, but they've found a temporary home at the YMCA and three other locations.

The road ahead is looking bright for Lifeline.

"We're excited about what’s going on and we're super excited to get started with a new building,” said Darrell Peterson, Lifeline and YMCA Executive Director.

After a fire in September, the Youth for Christ Lifeline Center is working to rebuild.

"The brick building is a total loss so we're going to be demolishing that. The office looks like it’s going to be a total loss as well. We'll be able to save the gymnasium,” said Peterson.

Since the fire, Lifeline has spread out its programs across four different locations, like the YMCA.

Even without a permanent place to call home, the program has grown since the fire. There are about 250 kids in their programs every week.

Lifeline says the amount of community support after the fire has been amazing.

They said the day after the fire they had 60 volunteers show up to help.

Peterson said he would like to have the center rebuilt by Summer 2013.

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