Lift station malfunction causes flooding in Stevensville

STEVENSVILLE, Mich.--- A malfunctioning lift station has caused sewage back ups in a Stevensville community. People living on Southfork Drive say the backup happens whenever it rains and causes sewage and trash to rise through their drains.

Residents say the problem first began in April of 2018. Charles Archey, who lives on Southfork, says he had to replace the carpet because of flooding caused by the malfunctioning lift station.

"As a result of the water in my basement, a couple of inches deep required removal of all carpet and a number of items that had gotten damaged from the water," said Archie. 

The flooding has caused thousands of dollars of damage but there has been no solution yet. Residents say township officials are still waiting on a part to come in to fix the lift station. 

"I hope they get this figured out pretty quick. It’s been going on for quite a while and it’s time they get it nailed down," said David Beatty, Archey's neighbor. 

Residents say they've been told that it will take months before the problem is fixed. ABC 57 reached out to township officials but they were not available for comment. 

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