Lightning causes damage in Warsaw Thursday morning

NOW: Lightning causes damage in Warsaw Thursday morning

WARSAW, Ind. -- Just off of US-30 in Warsaw, you can't miss the bright yellow building that is Crazy Joe's Fireworks. Thursday morning, just feet from the fireworks store, there was a different kind of explosion-- this one due to lightning.

Strong storms traveled across Michiana Thursday morning. A large tree on Crazy Joe's property was struck around 9:30 a.m., sending pieces of wood flying all across the yard.

Some were sent with such force that they were speared directly into the ground.

Damage didn't stop at the tree. Lightning traveled to a nearby building, also on the property, causing exterior damage. Inside, two computers crashed. The phone line box was destroyed. A nearby transformer also stopped working, causing an outage in the traffic lights at the US-30 and 800 West intersection.

Owner Spencer McOscar said he wasn't there when the lightning struck, but his family heard the thunder.

"I'm sure if we would've been here, it would've scared the living daylights out of us!" McOscar laughed.

He also says the tree will have to be completely removed.

More storms are in the forecast for Thursday evening. While none of these storms look to be severe, this incident is proof that it doesn't take severe weather to cause damage. When thunder roars, go indoors!

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