Lincoln Park's growing neighborhood

NOW: Lincoln Park’s growing neighborhood


Housing developments continue near South Bend’s Westside.

Officials say two new homes will hit the market by the end of the summer in a community residents say is experiencing a revival.

“South Bend Heritage Foundation is building two new homes on Oak Street,” said executive director Marco Mariani.

One home is a three bedroom and the other is a four bedroom home.

They’re the newest properties in the works in an older neighborhood the organization is hoping to breathe new life into.

“I think we’re starting to see more stability in the housing market and this idea of home-ownership still matters today,” said Mariani.

There was instability in this area not too long ago.

The Lincoln Park neighborhood was once filled with quite a few vacant and abandoned buildings.

Most of them are now co-op homes.

“I thought it would be an opportunity to be a part of something that’s going to be a model for the nation,” said Joseph Wingo, a co-op homeowner.

Joseph, a first time homeowner, is just over a year into his new co-op.

He calls the opportunity an honor.

“I feel so accomplished because people thought so much of me to be a part of South Bend Mutual Homes,” he said.

Joseph’s neighbors say, building up a neighborhood hasn’t been easy, but they’re seeing progress.

“We are a community within a community and that’s because a co-op is something brand new,” Marvell Robinson, a co-op homeowner. “But we are definitely moving forward toward the success and meeting the agenda that was set to build up the community and help everybody in the community come to a close relationship.”

The two new homes will not be sold as co-ops, but still folks living nearby are loOKing forward to welcoming their new neighbors.

“Hopefully we just get a nice solid neighborhood where our kids will be ok playing outside, everybody is looking out for each other and we have a mutual respect and consideration for one another,” said Tiffany Robinson, a co-op homeowner.

 Mariani says those new homes will be finished in under 60 days.

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