Live in Brooklyn: Fans ready for Notre Dame vs Michigan

The anticipation at the Barclay Center in Brooklyn is high. Notre Dame is set to take on Michigan Friday night in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

"We're going to do well. It's a tough game but they're going to come out on top. They're going to come out playing hard," said Colin Callahan, a Notre Dame fan.

"It's kind of a miracle they even made the tournament this year. People thought they wouldn't. I was watching Wednesday and bought my tickets. I was happy when they beat Tulsa and I could come watch them tonight," said Matt Newton, a Michigan fan.

"I'm going with 76-66 - Notre Dame," said Callahan.

"I think it'll be either a Notre Dame blowout or a close Michigan win. If Michigan wins, it won't be by much," said Newton.

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