Live-streaming becomes new norm of church services amid coronavirus fight

NOW: Live-streaming becomes new norm of church services amid coronavirus fight

GRANGER, Ind. -- The usual theme of hymns on Sundays has largely been overshadowed with a focus on health amid the growing concerns over the novel coronavirus.

“When the governor said its better you guys don’t meet in groups of 250 or more, our creative team got together with our pastoral team and we said we’re just going to do exactly what we were planning on doing,” Wes Ward, who’s a pastor at Gospel City Church in Granger, said Sunday.

The solution? Getting members tuned in to church services via live streaming.

“The beautiful thing about technology today is that we can use that to still leverage what we’re all about, even when we’re not gathering here together at the church,” said Micah Klutinoti, who serves the church as Pastor of Worship & Creative Arts.

“We want them to do the same thing we always do, but in the comfort of our own home so that we can keep people safe, and so that we could honor our city, and so we can still exalt Jesus.”

The church’s longtime communications director said the live productions reach viewers even in other countries.

“We know we had families and small groups and watch parties that were happening, so that’s probably 1400 or more,” Communications Director Ben Hannah said.

“We were even getting comments from Spain, Honduras, and other parts of the U.S. saying, ‘Hey we’re watching, we’re with you.’ It was a really fun way to engage with them in that way.”

Since the advisory not to have large gatherings took effect, most if not all churches in Michiana have turned to live streaming. The hope now is the restrictions yield good results to slow any coronavirus spread.

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