Local bar bouncing back after power outage

KNOX, Ind. -- Mother Nature wreaked havoc on Michiana just days before a big holiday weekend.

One business affected is a popular bar near Bass Lake.

The Bass Lake Pub and Ristorante had to shut down for a couple of days after losing power from the storm.

Workers there say they aren't ready for the influx of people that come on the Fourth of July.

Deda Elbaor is a bartender at Bass Lake Pub and says they lost prep time and money.

“This is usually our biggest week of the year," says Elbaor.

But she says no matter what, there will always be a crowd.

“By 7, 8 o'clock you won’t even be able to get in here," says Elbaor.

Now that the water is calm and the power is getting restored, there's a sense of normalcy returning to Bass Lake.

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