Local bar honors the fallen U.S. Marines

SOUTH BEND, Ind -- A local South Bend sports bar, Taphouse on the Edge, honored the 13 U.S. Marines who were killed in a suicide bombing attack in Kabul.

The bar plans to leave the glasses there all weekend.

The bar wanted to show their gratitude here in South Bend.

Veterans across Michiana feel the same.

"I’m glad that we’re starting to show some respect any way and any manner, for these men who put their life on the line," said Vietnam war veteran Jerry Campbell.

For those that lost their lives to the suicide bombing attack, the manager says they're just thankful to the families.

"Well I just want to thank all their families that have their sons and daughters everything over there protecting us for that, so I just kind of want to give support back to them service members as it is," said General Manager Anthony Kurdys.

"You know being in war myself as I always tell people, I’m so happy to make it back. I feel so sad for those who did not make it back because able to have a family and children and so forth," said Vietnam War Veteran Jerry Campbell.

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