Local business owner returns to work after being critically injured in shooting

NOW: Local business owner returns to work after being critically injured in shooting

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY Ind., --- A Michiana business owner is rising above all odds and after being critically injured in a shooting less than six months ago.

Sicerie Brooks, the owner of Sielanah’s Savory Salsa was back in the kitchen Friday morning less than six months after being shot.

“Processing the fact that it was a possibility that I almost wasn’t here, I’m honored to have the chance to still do my business, still pursue my dreams and still help other people do that as well,” said Brooks.

Brooks was among three others shot and critically injured near a Mishawaka gas station on Edison Road last December.

The shooting left her homebound and unable to run her small business making and selling salsa, but that's when someone else stepped up.

“To have her do everything on her own I was amazed. She did all the footwork she went and bought all the products and cut dang near completely by herself, I was very proud of her. I couldn’t have been prouder that day,” said Brooks.

“Like she's doing this to show her kids something different and her community. That’s why I knew I had no choice. Even if I wanted to quit it just wasn’t an option,” added her daughter Keturah Brooks, the vice president of the business.

Brooks’ teenage daughter stepped up for months to keep her mom’s dream alive and is even still picking up the slack as Brooks continues to fully recover from several surgeries to repair her injuries.

“It’s really cool just to see like how we’re all coming together, and it also shows a lot about her as a person because if she was crappy nobody would want to be coming around like that. It put a highlight on who she is a person,” said Keturah.

Brooks also shared a message to others about gun violence and rising above it all.

“A lot of people aren’t taking gun violence seriously. I plan on being more, inserting myself more being an advocate for that. It’s a lot to process mentally so after experiencing this no matter how hard it gets I would tell people keep going,” she explained. “I know that I’m looking to do something that’s not small so I’m willing to take everything that comes along with that. As Long as I’m still here I’m not going to quit.”

Brooks said she has been perfecting her salsa for nearly 20 years and the team was at Bantam chicken & Seafood restaurant preparing their ingredients Friday.

They’ll be right at the South Bend Farmers Market located at 1105 North Side Blvd., Saturday morning at 7:30 am selling their salsa.

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