Local business stays open despite snow to save lives

NOW: Local business stays open despite snow to save lives

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- While some businesses and schools enjoyed a snow day, tacked onto their weekend on Friday, the winter weather won't stop one local business.

Because it can't 

Alick's Home Medical Supplies knows their clients depend on them.

On average, Alick's makes about 170 deliveries a day.

Friday was no different. 

"People are getting out of the hospital today. People are getting out of nursing facilities," says Nafe Alick. "They're going home, and they have to be able to be cared for at home."

Alick says, some of their supplies, like oxygen equipment and supplies, is crucial for some members of the community. 

That's why they decided not to shut down today.

Employees at the store were hard at work, loading up their trucks, to make sure people who needed their oxygen tanks, wheelchairs, and other supplies ,were able to get them. 

"You can't tell someone not to breathe. We deliver a tremendous amount of oxygen equipment and supplies," adds Alick.

And for those not-so critical deliveries? 

Alick says, they'll still be delivered.

"It's not going to be better tomorrow," he says.  "When you're trying to deal with things that are medical, you want to make sure you get things done as quickly as possible."

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