Local businesses prep for New Year's Eve celebrations

NOW: Local businesses prep for New Year’s Eve celebrations

SOUTH BEND, Ind.--- Some businesses are preparing for New Year's Eve celebrations in spite of the pandemic. Large gatherings are still discourage but local restaurants and entertainment venues are finding ways to celebrate and keep customers safe.

Dont'e Shaw is the owner and head chef of Bantam Chicken and Seafood in South Bend, this year he is partnering with The Prized Pig in Mishawaka for a seven course New Year's Eve dinner. 

"We also teamed up with A Sorting Table, which are the people that are providing the wine for the tasting, said Shaw. "It will be a seven course tasting menu and it will be all wine parings."

This is Bantam's first celebration as the restaurant just opened in March.

"It is a struggle but we are pushing through and making our mark out here," said Shaw. "Only thing to do is we have to just keep on going."

Chippewa Bowl in South Bend is also having a New Year's Eve celebration but will be scaled down to adhere to distancing protocols.

"New Year’s Eve, typically, is packed," said Summer Gentry, Chippewa Bowl's General Manager. "This year it will be a little bit different, instead of the 70 lanes we normal do our reservations on, we only have 35."

Mask wearing will also be required at this year's event. Chippewa's celebration will be reservation only.

To make a reservation call 574-291-5093.

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