Local company sees high demand for pandemic printing

NOW: Local company sees high demand for pandemic printing

BRIDGMAN, Mich. -- When going into public places, you may now notice signs stating rules and regulations as well as social distancing markers on the floors.

And some of that signage is being made right here in Michiana.

Art-FX in Bridgman was in the middle of a busy spring when Michigan’s “Stay at Home” order was announced.

Realizing their business would have to adapt, they started designing graphics for something they never expected — a pandemic.

“Our customers needs changed practically overnight, so we’re just kind of adapting to better serve our customers,” said Doyle Rogers, owner of Art-FX.

Art-FX specializes in graphics for businesses — whether that be store signs, stickers, or decals.

“As soon as we realized the severity of this and that restaurants were closed to the public and only doing to-go, they needed to communicate in ways they’ve never had to communicate before,” said Rogers.

It started with Rogers grabbing some unused material in the shop to make to-go window decals, which he gave to local restaurants for free.

Then, restaurants, hospitals and other businesses started asking if he could make social distancing markers and posters to relay information to customers — all ways for these businesses to communicate in an unprecedented time.

“There’s a lot of new signage needed, with regulations and safety precautions,” said Rogers. “Some businesses requiring a mask, others not, and our customers like to put that in front of their customers without having to explain it to everybody.”

But it hasn’t been easy keeping up with the demand and Rogers was doing most of the work alone for weeks.

“When the ‘Stay at Home’ order went into effect I laid off my employees, for their financial security because I knew it was going to affect our labor here,” said Rogers, “I think next week we’ll have everybody back, this week is kind of like a transition.”

Still, Rogers is thankful to be able to fill this need he never expected, but he’s not thankful for the situation that gave him the extra business.

“I’m grateful that our customers are relying on us and I’m really grateful that we’re able to continue to help them, I just wish it was under better circumstances.”

Delivery for any signage within 15 miles of Art-FX’s shop is free as well as any orders over $100.

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