Local company tries to help consumers navigate Obamacare

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- Many Americans are confused about the new Affordable Health Care Act. Glitches with the government's website haven't helped. One local company set up a help center to aid consumers who need to navigate the new health care marketplace and buy health insurance.

The Hoffman Insurance Group has been trying to help members of the public with confusion caused by the healthcare.gov website.

Many people have even been trouble setting up an account on the government's website just to begin the process.

And even those with insurance are confused whether or not the insurance they have is the best option.

"Confusion of the public or the private market or the employer program, should they shop out from that, or if they are self employed and they have a group plan, we can help them with that too," said David Hoffman of the Hoffman Insurance Group.

Hoffman says local insurance groups like his company can help in determining which health care option is best for you.

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