Local concert benefits typhoon survivors

BERRIEN SPRINGS, MI. --A Michiana university is doing its part to help victims of the typhoon.

All proceeds from an orchestra concert at Andrews University will go to the Philippines to help those who survived that disaster.

Principal cellist Steven Debulgado has family there and said they are in desperate need of help.

“They need so much help and there’s so many other things going on in the world, that sometimes things get overlooked.”

Fortunately his family okay. But he is still hoping the concert will bring in a few thousand dollars.

“I just hope it really helps the people and gets them back on their feet to have a normal life.”

Other members of his orchestra also have family near where the typhoon hit.

“Some people have gone from having very little to having nothing. So I think the least we can do is send some help over there,” said violinist Rachel Lynne Brantley.

The death toll from the typhoon is now at least 5,200 people and 1,500 people are still missing.


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