Local couple helping feed the community

NOW: Local couple helping feed the community


BRIDGMAN, Mich. -- A local couple has completely transformed their home into a garden fit to feed anybody in the community who’s having trouble buying food.

Once the state shut down in March, the Follman’s started planting fruits and vegetables to give to friends and family who they knew would be in need. Now, it’s spread to a community-wide project.

“We bought a bunch of pots and we just started a couple hundred plants in our basement, knowing that we had a lot of friends who were suddenly, without notice, out of work and who were not going to be able to get through this without a little bump from somebody,” said Amy Follman.

Once Amy Follman saw her loved ones lose their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic, she started gardening, something she hasn’t done much of since she was a child.

“We just figured if we could help a couple people or a couple of families not have to worry about getting their kids some fresh vegetables, that would take a little worry off someone else’s shoulders,” said Amy.

The Follman’s are now giving away all of their crops for free. That’s mostly to people in Bridgman now, but they’re open to helping anyone.

“Anyone who can find us is welcome to get ahold of us – we’ll help whoever needs [it],” said Amy. “Some people only have patios, so we have a lot of vegetables we’re putting in pots.”

“Some people aren’t allowed to grow at their house or apartment complex,” said Craig Follman, “So, they can adopt a pot and pick what they need.”

Their selection includes cherry tomatoes, grape tomatoes, lettuce, green beans, onions, cilantro, limes, dill and strawberries.

On top of that, Amy and Craig are also sewing masks for Bridgman school district workers, which ArtFX helped design. They’re also taking care of family members with compromised health and homeschooling their kids due to the pandemic.

“From the time we get up in the morning until dark,” said Craig, “Between making masks and gardening and keeping everything growing it is an all day project,” said Amy.

Even though the Follman’s are putting in all of this time – with little to no help with the cost – they say they have more than enough to give.

“We planted extra. We planted a lot for everybody.”

If you are in need of food, you can contact the Follman’s through Amy’s Facebook page, Amy’s Everything. While donations are welcome, if you can’t pay – it’s no problem.

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