Local CrossFit athlete staying in shape with home gym

NOW: Local CrossFit athlete staying in shape with home gym

CASS COUNTY, Mich. –– COVID-19 has left most athletes without a way to practice. However, some have been blessed with a sport that doesn’t require a field or a ball, that’s the case for Azariah Price, a CrossFit athlete. Azariah’s sport doesn’t even require a regular gym.

“Training alone isn't really fun, but we are fortunate to have a nice home gym set up so training itself hasn't really halted, or stopped or changed a lot. It's just the atmosphere I'm in is quite different,” Azariah said.

Azariah ranks among the best CrossFit athletes in the world within his weight class. With that in mind, it’s no wonder the Price family gym has become a sanctuary. Azariah’s dad, Tim, said he loves seeing his family stay fit and healthy, especially during these tough times. 

“Well, it has been really a blessing to watch [my family] stay fit and watch them want to eat healthy. And see them become part of a community that likes to do the same, and have friends that are there to encourage them and push them,” Tim said. 

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