Local expert shows drivers how to winterize car

NOW: Local expert shows drivers how to winterize car


MISHAWAKA, Ind.--  With significant winter weather in the forecast, prepping your car for snow could be life-saving!

Before hitting the snowy roads, Rodney Stemm at Ricks Auto Shop in Mishawaka has a few helpful reminders.

Tires and Tread: 

“This, we’re looking at tire tread depth in this. These tires are actually very good as far as tread depth, they're relatively new. There’s little markers inside your tired in the groove that when you get near that you know it’s time to replace your tires. Around here for winter you really want to do it before that point," said Stemm.

Windshield Wipers:

“As far as the wipers go, you can see if they feel old, hard or don’t clean good. That and you'll also know as far as when you spray them, does it spray on the hood right and clean them," said Stemm. “Looking under your hood sometimes its confusing what's there. Windshield wiper is always marked, there's going to be a cap you can pull of. Make sure you get one 30 below zero is what you want to look out for."

Car Battery:

“As far as your battery, you cant really tell the condition without a tester. If you run a tester on it you'll be able to see the life of the battery before you run into a problem.”

Once all the boxes are checked, there’s one more thing Stemm says you need to carry inside your car at all times during the winter season.

"People are just thinking about running into work, or to the store, you never know when things will go bad. The colder it is the better prepared you want to be. Make sure you have a full charged cell phone, coat, gloves boots, the obvious things. People forget them. You don’t just want to be cold out there. You're in a situation where you have a spare blanket, throw it in the back. You never know when you may need it," said Stemm.

Stemm has more helpful simple steps you can take to get you from point A to point B as safely as possible this winter season in the video above.

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