Local law enforcement, public drag race for a cause

NOW: Local law enforcement, public drag race for a cause

OSCEOLA, Ind. --- Local law enforcement raced Michiana drivers at the Osceola Dragway on Friday for the annual Beat the Heat racing event.

The event allows local racers to safely and securely race retired and active public safety officers. However, the goal of the event is to inspire young people to race on the track and not illegally on the streets.

“Street racing’s a problem all across the country,” said Brian Billingsley, an event organizer. “If you’re out on the street, something happens sorry, your friends aren’t going to be your friends, they’re just going to bail on you.”

In October 2017, Penn Township Fire Department said a drag racer crashed their car into a tension pole – completely taking it out.

“It’s just an adrenaline rush,” said Logan Pfeil, a Beat the Heat racer.

Pfeil, 19, said he’s been racing legally since he got his license. He said a message he wants to share with his peers is to race on the track, not on the streets.

Another part of Friday’s event was an essay competition open to young people. In a paragraph, event organizers asked them to write why they don’t do drugs, in order to win a brand new bike.

“If we could just reach one kid,” Billingsley said. “If we could just keep one person from getting hurt or killed, it’s all worth it.”

On Saturday, the group will be hosting a Cruise-In Car Show, which raises funds for a scholarship gifted to a local student. Click here for details.

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